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Company Vision:

We would like to help educate as many people as possible on real health.

We believe in Keto for ultimate health, not just a quick fix for weight loss.

Cooking is Life

I have been "Yo Yo" dieting for years, since I was 13. At 45, I have finally got a handle on my weight. Not only that, but Kev has taught me how to be healthy, fit, and treat my body with the respect I've never shown it. I grew up in a very toxic family environment. Where life revolved around the number on the scales. For the time ever, I'm free from this negative thought process, my heart condition AND feel 21 again! I started keto in January through Kevs group, and by July, I had lost 4 stone, 3 dress sizes, and countless inches. I could not of done this without Kev and his knowledge. Through his facebook group I have finally changed both my diet, and psyche. This is not a diet but a lifestyle change and I challenge anyone not to find positives in both keto or Kev. Without being patronising or arrogant, Kev will give you the answer you need in black and white. He is direct because he is so passionate about keto and all its benefits. He is the messiah of keto ! In a world where we are all fed lies and false promises from weight assured ..... There is light ! There is truth ! There is Keto Kev !

Samantha, Essex, England

Kev is an inspiration and an amazing role model for Keto. I asked Kev to support me 1:1 with the keto lifestyle and I am so glad I did. His passion and knowledge about this way of life is phenomenal and his engaging way of teaching makes it easy to follow and, most importantly, delicious!

Ellie, Henley-on-Thames, England

Ever since I was a young adult I struggled with my weight management and tried every diet under the sun. Fast forward to age 35 and 16st with high blood pressure, I joined Kevs coaching plan and have lost 3.5st (22kg) I feel great, people tell me I look great and I am no longer on blood pressure medication, in the doctors words "added years to my life" I am the healthiest I have ever been and feel amazing! 

Ryan, Bath, England

Kev is a really supportive coach who encourages best health, every step of the keto way.

RazzyJack, Leeds, England

I knew Kev now for many years and when I see what he did to himself I asked can he help me. I have amazing results and he has changed my life

Anonymous, Osnabrück, Germany