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My name is Kev Mason, I am a Ketogenic Health Coach, Chef and Photographer.

I am an Ex British Soldier, weighing in at over 130kg, before I left the Army.

Where as most Keto Coaches tell you how to lose weight with Keto, I lived it, experienced the ups and downs and experimented on the best ways to optimize Keto for Health & weight loss.

I hold many diplomas in Ketogenic Diet, Diabetes Treatment, Red Light Therapy, Cold Water Therapy and Meditation.

My recent audio course, Mindfulness training is linked below.

At the moment I have a FB group of over 16,000 people & I offer private 1:1 coaching in the Ketogenic Lifestyle.

In these challenging times it is more important than ever to ensure our health and immune system are both fully fit and strong enough to cope with the perils we now face.


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